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Round Shaped Angel Cake Mold (Removable Bottoms/ 1 Set 3 pieces/ Yellow)

Round Shaped Angel Cake Mold (Removable Bottoms/ 1 Set 3 pieces/ Yellow)

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Round shaped angel cake mold is made of aluminum alloy and has a yellow anode coating, which is beautiful and durable. Two-in-one design (cake mold & removable bottom plate / cake mold & removable cake tube) to create different styles of cakes. For example, the removable cake tube design is suitable for making angel cakes, sponge cakes, chiffon cakes and etc., while the removable bottom plate design can make other conventional round cakes.


  • 6" cake mold: Top outer diameter 15.7cm / inner diameter 14.8cm, outer height 8.1cm / inner height 7.7cm, bottom width 14cm
  • 7" cake mold Top outer diameter 18.8cm / inner diameter 17.8cm, outer height 9.5cm / inner height 9cm, bottom width 17cm (this mold is an inclined mold, so the upper and lower diameters of the mold are different); the total height of the angel cake tube is 12cm. 

Package includes: cake mold x 1 piece, removable bottom plate x 1 piece, removable angel cake tube x 1 piece (A set of 3 pieces is very cost-effective, there's no need to buy one more cake mold!)

This aluminum alloy cake mold can be baked evenly and heated, making the cake light, airy, springy and elastic. The taste and color of the produced cake are better than other molds.

Care Instructions:
<Before Use>
First clean the cake mold with a low-ingredient cleaner, then dry it with a soft cloth before use.  

<After Use>
Clean the cake mold after returning to normal temperature. First clean the cake mold with a low-ingredient detergent, and then dry it with a soft cloth. Put the dried cake mold into the oven that has just been baked and slightly hot to dry, and it can be stored after drying.   

1. Please minimize contact with acidic liquids/foods
2. Avoid using metal tools to rub the surface of the mold (wood, silicone, nylon materials are recommended)
3. It is strictly forbidden to damage the surface by hitting or cutting with a knife
4 . Do not soak for a long time, so as not to affect the service life
5. Do not use dishwasher, microwave oven, open flame, induction cooker
6. After the baking pan is cooled, it can be placed in the refrigerator.
7. The mold temperature resistance is 230 degrees. Do not bake, steam or wash in high temperature steam.

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