Pre-order instructionsPRE-ORDER

The pre-order process is just like placing an order, it just takes a little longer. Currently, it takes approximately 10-20 working days from the date of order to produce and ship to you (estimated 3-4 weeks).

Please read the instructions below before purchasing pre-order products. By ordering pre-order items, you agree to the following terms, thank you! :

1) This pre-order product is ordered from the manufacturer based on your order. After the pre-order is confirmed and paid in full, we will not accept cancellation, exchange, or refund of any order.
2) This pre-order product is ordered by the company from the manufacturer based on your order. Except for returns and exchanges due to product defects , order cancellations, refunds, and exchanges are not allowed for any reason. Please note that most of our products are handmade and each piece may not be exactly the same or perfect. Therefore, scratches, stains or spots on pre-order items are not considered defects . ( The mold will be stained during processing and spraying, or when baked in a high-temperature oven, spots and scratches caused by contact with the conveyor belt are normal and not quality defects! Some baking tools are handmade, and each product May not be completely consistent or perfect (scratches, bumps, deformation of the outer packaging, moisture in the outer box, and/or possible odor contamination during transportation are not included in the scope of defects) .
3) The pictures are for reference only, and the actual product shall prevail. Our store will not accept any cancellation, refund, return or exchange applications related to differences between product pictures and actual products.
4) The estimated arrival date of pre-ordered products is for reference only. Due to many external factors (such as weather effects, holidays, flight delays, etc.), the estimated arrival date may be longer than expected. Our store does not accept any cancellation, refund, return and exchange applications related to the expected arrival date of the product . If you urgently need delivery before the estimated arrival date, please contact us for more information about your pre-order.
5) After the order is paid in full, if the product is no longer available or canceled due to out-of-stock (out of stock), the manufacturer's inability to produce, or other factors beyond the company's control, the pre-order amount will be fully refunded. Please contact us for more information about your pre-order.
6) After the ordered goods arrive at our warehouse, we will ship them to the address you filled in when ordering. If you need to change your shipping message, please contact us before we ship your item.
7) We only accept Payme and FPS as payment methods for pre-orders.

MINGBAN reserves the right to update this policy at any time without prior notice.

 In the event of any legal dispute, MINGBAN reserves the right to make the final decision.
I have read and agreed to the above terms and conditions of MINGBAN after-sales service.