Refunds and Exchanges

Out of Stock

In case of out-of-stock situation, we will notify the customer as soon as possible and arrange a refund.


Product Care

Designated electronic products have a licensed warranty period (excluding self-repair, product host or accessories entering water, man-made damage, not using the instructions, exceeding the warranty period, revision, etc.) The warranty period and maintenance center information have been indicated in the product details, which is convenient for customers to inquire.



We do not accept exchanges unless it effect the use of the product or it is defective. Since some of the baking tools are made by hand, each product may not be completely consistent or flawless. Some of our cake mold will be stained during processing and spraying, or when it is baked in a high-temperature oven, the spots and scratches generated by the contact with the conveyor belt are normal phenomena, it is not quality defects. Scratches, bumps, deformation of the outer packaging, moisture in the outer box, and/or smell contamination that may be caused during transportation are not included in the scope of defects. Please read carefully before placing an order. If the product needs to be replaced, the customer can contact the customer service to exchange the product within 3 days of receipt, and bear the return shipping cost.

.Due to personal hygiene considerations, there is no exchange for all food items.

.We do not accept exchange requests due to preferences, size deviations and color differences.



.All orders are non-refundable after payment is confirmed! All ingredients, discounted items and gifts are non-refundable!

.Due to personal hygiene considerations, all ingredients and other items are not returned.

.Please check the product immediately after receiving it. If you find any defects (affecting use) in a new and unused condition, please contact customer service on the day of receipt, attach pictures and describe the defects in detail. Please do not send the product back without contacting customer service.

.If you receive a defective product, please send it back within 3 days after confirm with customer service via e-mail or whatsapp (you will be responsible for the round-trip shipping cost). If it is overdue, it will not be accepted. We will replace the same product for the customer once we confirm it is defective. If the replacement product is out of stock, we will make a refunds to you.

.Returns are not accepted for the following reasons: personal tactile perception, a little thread loss, small flaws that do not affect use, photo color difference (each computer has different color rendering and each person has different color definitions), Inconsistency in size (detailed dimensions are provided on the webpage for reference only, if you need exact measurement of the product, please contact customer service before placing an order), the product is different from what you imagined, the dye or the smell of storage, the damage to the packaging bag/box during transportation, and/or man-made damage and other situations that occurred after receipt.


Please note that there are no refundable shipping charges for returns.

MINGBAN reserves the right to update its shipping policy at any time without notice.