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Round Perforated Pizza Pan (Anodized)

Round Perforated Pizza Pan (Anodized)

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  • Perforated pizza pan creates faster heat conduction, making the pizza more crispy and easier to demould.
  • Anodized coating : Lightweight, resistant to chemical corrosion, not easy to oxidize, easy to clean.
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy

Pizza Pan Size Pizza Pan Full Diameter x Inner Diameter x Height
6.5" 19.5cm x 16.5cm x 1.6cm
7.5" 21.5cm x 18.5cm x 1.6cm
9" 25.5cm x 22.5cm x 1.6cm
10" 29.3cm x 26.3cm x 1.6cm
11" 30.8cm x 27.8cm x 1.6cm
12" 33cm x 30cm x 1.6cm
13" 35.5cm x 32.5cm x 1.6cm
14" 38.3cm x 35.3cm x 1.6cm
15" 40.8cm x 37.8cm x 1.6cm
16" 43.2cm x 40.2cm x 1.6cm

Care instructions:
​1)Do not use wire brushes, bleach, and avoid prolonged contact with acidic substances.
​2)Before and after use, clean with detergent and towel dry before storing.

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