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天然之林 Naturalam

Taro Paste 300g

Taro Paste 300g

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Naturalam's agricultural products puree series provides customers with ready-to-eat, delicious and healthy accessories, so that you who advocate healthy and natural diet can create and enjoy delicious food full of original ecological flavor at home.

Naturally delicious

The raw materials of agricultural products Naturalam use are strictly selected, modernized food technology production management, and still retain the original ecological flavor and natural nutritional value under the combination of the most appropriate time and ultra-high temperature sterilization. Soft taste and maintain natural color, it is the first choice for healthy natural food materials.

Store at room temperature for easy use

Our ultra-high temperature sterilization technology allows our food to be stored at room temperature for a long time and ready to eat or as a pre-treated food ingredient.

Origin: China

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