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天然之林 Naturalam

Strawberry Filling 250g

Strawberry Filling 250g

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  • At a high temperature of 225°C, the moisture will not be lost, the shape and flavor will remain unchanged, and the color and luster can also maintain the original luster.
  • It can also be refrigerated without freezing. Suitable for making snowy mooncakes and frozen food.
  • Moderately sweet.
  • Origin: China

The size of the pulp (granular) and its viscosity are very suitable for the production of cakes, cakes, and buns, either mechanically or manually. The unique pulp filling formula can effectively lock the moisture of the batter and control the "WATER ACTIVITIES" even if it is not too sweet; therefore, the batter can withstand the high temperature of baking up to 225°C without the water evaporating, the pulp, shape, The color, brightness, taste and flavor are maintained in the form before the oven.

The filling is under the condition of low "water activity WATER ACTIVITIES"; in addition to microorganisms cannot grow, it can also prevent the moisture transfer and internal interpenetration of cakes, cakes and buns after using fillings ; Enhance the shelf life of the final product, in line with the requirements of longevity glutinous rice packs.

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