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Pure pumpkin puree 227g

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  • Ready-to-eat pouches , 227 g (8 oz) each . Perfect for a light and healthy snack to take on the go.
  • 100% all natural, no additives.
  • Can be safely stored at room temperature before opening (because the food has been UHT treated).
  • made in China


  1. Is this dry stuff?
    No, this is puree that has been cooked and ready to eat, and its texture is comparable to freshly cooked pumpkin.

  2. Does it need to be heated to eat?
    No, you can open the bag and eat immediately.

  3. Does it contain preservatives?
    No. It's all natural with no preservatives or additives.

  4. Why can it be stored at room temperature for a long time?
    Natural Forest's pumpkin puree is packaged in multi-layered retort bags and treated with special high temperatures. The technical principle is similar to the food eaten by astronauts in outer space!

  5. how is the taste?
    Natural Forest has leveraged years of R&D and experience to create products that are all natural and ready to eat but at the same time rival freshly cooked pumpkin puree. This relies on specially designed processing parameters and closed-loop cooking system to optimize the taste, texture and color of food.

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