250g orange filling

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  • It can keep moisture from being lost under high temperature of 225°C, its shape and flavor remain unchanged, and its color can also maintain its original luster.
  • It can also be refrigerated without freezing. Suitable for making snowskin mooncakes and frozen foods.
  • Moderate sweetness.
  • made in China

The pulp size (granular) and viscosity are very suitable for mechanical or manual operation when producing cakes, pastries and buns. The unique pulp filling formula can effectively lock the moisture of the dough and control "WATER ACTIVITIES" even when it is not too sweet; therefore, the dough can withstand baking temperatures up to 225 degrees Celsius without the moisture evaporating, and the shape of the pulp is The color, brightness, texture and flavor remain the same as before being baked.

The filling is under low "WATER ACTIVITIES" conditions; in addition to preventing the growth of microorganisms, it can also prevent moisture transfer and internal mutual penetration after using fillings in cakes, pastries, and steamed buns; enhance the shelf life of the final product, and cooperate with longevity steamed buns.榚Point request.

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