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Cooked Brown Rice 190g x 4packs

Cooked Brown Rice 190g x 4packs

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Instant Rice (Five Grains Brown Rice) 190g/pack x 4packs

Packaged in ready-to-eat bags. Suitable for carrying around, light and healthy.

  • Select 100% Healthy Brown Rice (Brown Rice, Black Rice oat rice, red rice, buckwheat rice)
  • No added sugar, coloring, preservatives.
  • Store at room temperature without refrigeration (before opening).
  • Specially laminated retort pouches.
  • The manufacturer has passed the FSSC22000 quality certification.

Preservation processing technology:The packaging is made of a special laminated retort bag and processed in an industrial food sterilization warehouse. Through precisely calculated temperature and pressure settings, the machine effectively sterilizes food so that it remains stable at room temperature for a long time, while retaining the maximum possible natural color, texture, taste and nutrition.

Eating method:Pour the five-grain rice from the bag into a bowl, stir the lumpy rice into granules, and then heat it in the microwave for 2-3 minutes or steam for 8-10 minutes. Can also be eaten directly.

Origin: China

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