400 grams of almond paste (can make about 8 small bowls) Best Before 2025-07-09)

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Net weight: 400g powder

Each jar (zipper bag included) can make 1,600 grams of almond paste (8 small bowls). 1 bowl = 50g powder + 150g water.

Put the almond paste powder on the vessel, fluff it up, add three times hot water of about 85 degrees, that is, one part powder to three parts water, stir for about 30 seconds and it will be as delicious as instant almond paste.

If you put it in the microwave again, bring it to a boil over high heat for 20 seconds or over an open flame. Stir slowly while cooking, which will make it 100% delicious when eating.

After adding water, the sugar content is about 7%, not too sweet.

The all-natural dehydrated powder is mainly made from pure almond flour from the natural forest, and is formulated according to the traditional homemade almond paste. It can be eaten immediately after adding hot water. It has a smooth and rich taste.

The manufacturing plant has passed FSSC22000 quality certification.

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