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天然之林 Naturalam

Pure Sweet Potato Mash 227g

Pure Sweet Potato Mash 227g

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  • Ready-to-eat pouches, 227 grams per pack (8 ounces). Great for a light and healthy snack on the go.
  • 100% all natural, no additives.
  • It is safe to keep at room temperature before opening (because the food is UHT treated).
  • Origin: China


  1. Is this dry stuff?
    No, it's already cooked and ready-to-eat mash, and the texture is comparable to freshly cooked sweet potatoes.

  2. Do you need to heat your meal?
    No, you can eat right out of the bag.

  3. Does it contain preservatives?
    No. It's all natural with no preservatives or additives.

  4. Why can it be stored at room temperature for a long time?
    Naturalam's sweet potato mash is packaged in a multi-layered retort bag of specifications and treated with special high temperature. The technical principle is similar to the food eaten by astronauts in outer space!

  5. How does it taste?
    Naturalam uses years of R&D and experience to create an all-natural ready-to-eat sweet potato mash that rivals freshly boiled food. This is due to ad hoc processing parameters and a closed-loop cooking system that optimizes food taste, texture and color.
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